Closing on your new home? Relax!

When buying a home, there is usually a lot of excitement, but there also can be some level of anxiety. Finding the right home, making an offer and then going through the process of making it yours can be stressful... READ MORE

We know our history!

Since Settlement Engine opened its doors, we have proudly served all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This is our home, and we know the area well. The history of these two states is extensive. Each one was part of the... READ MORE

Title insurance: A must-have for home buyers

If you are buying a home, you are also entering the world of title insurance. That’s because buyers of a home are, in a sense, actually buyers of that home’s title — the paperwork that proves that the existing owners... READ MORE

How to handle property disputes

For better or worse, you are stuck with your neighbors until somebody moves. Whether you have a good, bad or nonexistent relationship, you do occasionally have to deal with one another. One of the biggest issues that can cause friction... READ MORE

Ready to move in? Get ready to create a home inventory

Do you have a home inventory? Having an accurate list of your personal belongings can help you file an accurate and timely claim should your home be damaged, destroyed or burglarized. While you’re moving into a new home, it’s a... READ MORE

We speak the language

Buying a home can be incredibly stressful and confusing. Once the process starts, it may feel like you need subtitles to explain what is happening. Words like escrow, closing, easement and others are thrown around, and you might not always... READ MORE

More homeowners considering refinancing

Low mortgage rates are putting the spotlight on refinancing. But refinancing can accomplish more than lower your interest rate and shrink your monthly home loan payment. Here are some other reasons to consider refinancing: You want a fixed rate home... READ MORE

Can you answer their questions?

As a realtor your job is to help find the right property for your clients. But it isn’t always easy. Just watch any house hunting show, and you will see that often people don’t know what they want. They fixate... READ MORE

The 2017-18 flu season is already here

Flu season has officially arrived, and there are a number of signs that this year could be miserable — even deadly. The Southern Hemisphere — primarily Australia — has been hit hard by flu in recent months, resulting in a... READ MORE

Sharing the fence

The relationship between neighbors can be tricky. When you live next to someone, you also live with their habits to a certain extent. Some neighbors can be great while others can be more difficult. Some may cut their grass on... READ MORE