Sold your home? Now is the time to change your address

??????????????????????????????????It’s closing day and you’ve completed the sale of your home. Now it’s time to officially change your address so that all of your mail arrives at your new home! You can put in a change of address request online with the U.S. Postal Service. You’ll need to verify your identity by using a credit card, and you’ll be charged $1.05, but the change can be done in minutes, and without leaving home. Of course, you also can go into a post office and make the change in person, at no cost.

If you’re moving as a family, you can choose the ‘family’ option and complete one form if everyone in your family has the same last name AND you are all moving to the same address. If not all family members are moving, OR if some family members have different last names, choose the Individual option and submit a separate request for each mover.

You’ll need to provide a date you’d like the USPS to begin forwarding your mail to your new address. Mail should start to arrive at your new address within 7-10 postal business days after your move effective date.

Note: If you receive mail by more than one name (maiden name, married name or nickname) fill out a separate Change of Address request for each name and choose the Individual option. The USPS mail forwarding service lasts one year for most first-class mail. Magazines are forwarded for 60 days.

Certain types of mail, however, will not forward to your new address through a change-of-address request. You’ll need to directly contact banks and credit unions, mortgage companies, insurance companies and utility companies.

By updating your address with the USPS, you’ll also gain access to $750 in coupons and savings and have the opportunity to update your voter’s registration information.