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Orders for settlement services can be placed at orders@settlementengine.com. An Order Confirmation will follow to all parties.

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Title Search

Let’s take a peek under the hood

Settlement Engine is built for fast turnaround. We can perform a current owner search in 24-48 hours. A 60-year search, depending on the area, generally takes 5 to 7 days.

When the lender and/or realtor receives the title commitment, it will include a PRE-CD with fees, and property tax information when available. Also, within the email, our title agent will outline the requirements on the commitment that must be addressed prior to the closing date.

2.5 Title Clearing/Document Retrieval

Things are revving up.

Before reaching the closing table we review the title search, resolve title issues,  order lien letters and tax certifications, obtain payoffs for mortgages and judgments, perform patriot, domestic relations and bankruptcy searches and clearances, request subordination agreements and satisfaction pieces when necessary, deal with all bankruptcy issues and short sale instructions … (we have patience)


Closing or Consummation

Where the rubber meets the road

Settlement Engine works closely with the lender and realtor to make 100% sure that all necessary documents arrive on time to the closing table.

You will always have an experienced Signing Agent at the table to assist in a seamless closing. Unlike some other companies, our Signing Agents are NOT just notaries; they know and will explain all the documents.

Rest assured, everything will run smoothly, and all your questions will be answered courteously and professionally.



Getting you to the finish line

You never have to worry about what check goes where – or how it will get there. Settlement Engine facilitates the payment of all encumbrances and liens related to your property. If you need to make a payment related to a specific transaction, we will expedite it. Payments will be sent by overnight delivery or by wire transfer at the customer’s request. This will include the payoff of a previous mortgage, real estate agent commissions, mortgage fees, and all other settlement-related fees.



Getting you to the finish line

We will record your new mortgage and deed with the appropriate authorities. We will also submit all payments related to the transaction. Once the execution of all necessary documents is complete, the transaction will be recorded at the county level, and the formal change of possession will take place.

That’s It!

We take care of all the details, start to finish