Don’t let your sale get derailed

10940385_SAs a real estate professional, you know that it’s the small details that can sometimes derail a sale. Broken light switch covers, creaky floors or even wall hangings can throw a potential seller off the purchase. Jen Horner, a real estate agent in Utah, shared how the sale of a $1.2 million home was nearly thwarted after months of negotiation because the seller was insistent that the buyer include a foosball table worth a few hundred bucks in the sale. It took some careful negotiating to close that sale.

We’ve seen nearly every type of property deal you can imagine when it comes time to close a sale — the details matter. That’s when things can go wrong, and that’s when you need our help the most. Our team is trained to find the issues and resolve them. We don’t let small details get in the way of closing, and we make sure you are aware of any potential problems by preparing a due diligence report. Whether it’s a past bankruptcy filing, lien issues, or property line disputes, we will find it and help you fix it.

The most important detail of any closing sale is the title insurance. It may seem small at the time, but without proper protection, those little issues can become a future problem. Title insurance protects what is most important — a title of ownership. Provide your clients with the best care by partnering with us when it’s time to close your sale.