Title insurance is part of your closing costs

59156276_MHouse insurance isn’t the only policy you need to set up when you buy a new home. You also need title insurance. Title insurance is required by lenders to protect against claims to the ownership of the property. In Pennsylvania, most lenders require a title insurance policy. Most policies protect against fraud, forgery, undisclosed heirs, and spousal claims.

Title insurance is part of your overall closing costs. In Pennsylvania, the cost of title insurance is based on the sales price or the mortgage amount, whichever is higher. We will send you an outline to make sure that all closing requirements and all necessary documents are in order. Our agents are professional signing agents. They have passed their examinations and are licensed to close real estate transactions.

We’ve made it a priority to do our the best for our customers. Past customer Rich, a mortgage company owner, said of our service: “Their knowledge of the title world, the friendly manner in which the closing manager and their employees conduct business and their tireless commitment to getting the job done have ‘Wow’d’ me over and over again.” We want all our customers to feel the way Rich has. That’s why we offer quality services to make sure that your sale closes correctly and your property title is protected.