Tips for saving money on utility bills

We pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the real estate industry. We are continually finding ways to improve our services and more importantly, the planet we call home. Green building has become more of a trend in 2019 and many homeowners are seeking out ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and save money on utility bills. These tips will make you smile when your utility bill hits your inbox:

105799321_MAdjust Your Laundry Routine

Save some extra cash by ditching your dryer and opting to air dry your clothes. Simply purchase a clothesline and hang your clothes either inside or outside. Additionally, try using a wool dryer ball to eliminate the need for fabric softener. This simple change can reduce drying time by up to 10%.

Replace Furnace Filters Regularly

If you live in a state with cold winters, it’s important to regularly replace your furnace filter. Without a fresh filter, the furnace is more likely to become clogged, racking up your bill. If you are in the market, consider investing in a new furnace that runs more efficiently.

Invest in Smart Power Strips

When several devices are plugged into smart power strips, they will simultaneously turn off once you are connected to the main device. In a world that is dominated by mobile devices and tablets, this keeps your home more energy efficient by cutting off devices that consume energy in standby mode.

Install LED Lights

Did you know LED light bulbs generally use less energy than traditional light bulbs? They are also more cost-effective over time with an average of a 10-year lifespan. You can purchase LED light bulbs at your local Home Depot or even on

We hope you have enjoyed these tips and tricks that can save you extra cash. Check back regularly for more homeownership tips. For more further information about the services we offer, visit our website at Settlement Engine, Inc.