The best way to move

45284832 - moving boxes in new house. real estate concept.Congratulations, you’ve just bought a new home! Now it’s time to get started on the moving process. Don’t stress; it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. With the right attitude and systems, you can make moving as painless as possible.

First, make sure you get the right closing date. There is nothing worse than selling your old house only to find out that you have to wait a week or two for your new home. Let us help you make sure that when you hand over the keys you’re ready to unlock your new home.

Now it’s time to start prepping for your move. We always recommend hiring movers if you can. It’s easier and less stressful than relying on friends and family to help. If that’s not an option or you just really love doing it yourself, start planning now. Each day tackle a different room of your home. Start with the least-used rooms and move toward the areas that you use more often like your kitchen.

Need some packing tips? There are so many. We love this list, which includes some great suggestions like using a garbage bag to group clothing on hangers and packing your plates vertically so they are less likely to break. Buy good boxes or ask around for sturdy boxes. Diaper and liquor boxes are great because they have handles on the side. Remember not to pack your boxes so they are too heavy to carry.

If you have large and fragile items like a piano or valuable furniture, hire specialists to move them. Nothing will ruin a friendship faster than accidentally wrecking a valuable heirloom during a move. Not to mention no one needs the stress of watching your friends try to lift your piano!

The best way to move is to alway be prepared. Be fully packed on moving day and make sure to label your boxes. Coordinate with your real estate agent to get the keys at a convenient time, so that you can get started moving as soon as possible. Moving day may be stressful, but with these tips it can be a little easier!