Should you get title insurance?

We all want to save a few bucks, especially when buying a house. There are so many expenses that come from closing a sale. One of them is title insurance. Do you need title insurance? Is it worth it?

42177045 - happy young couple showing the keys to their new home and smilingTitle insurance is protection against any threats to your home ownership. Many older properties have changed ownership multiple times. If any of those owners did not have the legal right to the property title, the ownership could be in question. If you get title insurance, you can be protected from any legal issues regarding your property title.

What kind of title disputes can you face? Title disputes can take many forms. It could be a claim to ownership, leftover debt from the previous owners such as liens or unpaid property taxes. Title disputes can even occur over your property line. Title insurance can protect you from legal fees to fight disputes or cover any payments that must be made.

We’ve seen plenty of complicated property issues over the years. Title insurance is the best way to ensure that you are protected and are able to fight for your ownership. Most title insurance is required at the closing of the sale and is usually based on the sales price or the mortgage amount. We’ve worked with many lenders and real estate professionals over the years to protect their clients. Make sure to get your title insurance when you buy your home.