Protect your land with title insurance

en,eyeglasses and land contract form on wood background.BussinesNew Jersey is one of the oldest states in the country. Property history stretches back hundreds of years. The East Jersey Board of Proprietors was the oldest land-owning corporation in U.S. history until it folded in 1998, after 314 years. This corporation was founded by some of the very first landowners in America and maintained by their progeny.

The East Jersey Board of Proprietors owned large portions of the state and even made claims on land up until they dissolved. Many of the original board members never came to America. They invested their money into property. For the people that lived on their land, this was difficult. They either had to pay rent or buy the land. Even up until the dissolution in 1998, land ownership claims were still being disrupted by the shareholders and residents.

The lesson we can learn from this example of New Jersey’s history is that land ownership is complicated here. That’s why title insurance is so important. You never know who may have owned your land before or if you had the legal right to buy it. Our team can help research your title records and make sure that your ownership is secure. If a dispute arises, your insurance can help you to fight back and protect your claim. Call us and let’s get started on your order today.