Is your property protected from adverse possession?

Have you ever heard of squatter’s rights? The legal term for that is adverse possession. If you have neglected part of your property and someone else has begun to live on it or use it, they may be entitled to ownership.

In Pennsylvania, if a person takes possession of a neglected piece of latwo caucasian men carefully watching over the fence.nd they may have an ownership claim to the land, after 21 years. The claimant can also ‘tack on’ to a previous trespasser’s use of the land as well.

Encroachment can also be a source of adverse possession. Over time, property lines can be blurred as landscaping or building occurs. As ownership changes, it can be even more difficult to track the correct property line. This can be a sore spot for neighbors. We can help sort out where the line is and who is the legal owner. If you have title insurance, claims like these may be covered. Let’s talk about how title insurance can help to protect your property.

If you have any trouble with claims to your property, give us a call. We can help you find all necessary documents to prove your ownership. We can also set you up with the right title insurance to protect your ownership.