Don’t break the property chain!

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. When you buy a new property, you’re just another link in the chain of a long line of owners. Each previous owner has left their mark on the chain. Some of those marks have weakened the strength of the chain. If you’re ready to buy a new property, you need to watch out for these weak links in your property chain:

  • Old debts: Liens and encumbrances against the property can affect your ownership. Make sure that these are cleared before you buy a property. An encumbrance certificate can certify that a property is free of debt.
  • Invalid right to sell: Make sure the seller has the 16948319_Slegal right to sell it to you.
  • Long property history: Some properties come with a long history of ownership. We can perform a 60-year search to ensure no issues from the past can affect your ownership.
  • Lack of title insurance: Claims against your property can come from anywhere. That’s why title insurance to protect your ownership is so important.
  • Incorrect recording: Once you’ve bought your property you’ve started another link in the chain of ownership. We’ll make sure that it’s properly recorded with all the right authorities to keep things strong.

Don’t let the chain of your property title break. We can perform a full title search to make sure that things are in the right order. If they are not, we can weld together a solution to keep your chain of ownership intact and strong for years to come.