Choose a versatile and adaptable title company

Closing real estate transactions is definitely not a one-size-fits-all business.

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Sure, a lot of deals look similar and are completed with no problems in a timely manner, but when you’re looking for a title company to help get your deal done, it’s wise to choose one known for versatility and flexibility.

You never know when getting a deal done might hinge on being able to close at an unconventional time of day for the convenience of one of the parties involved. You want to make sure the title company you’re using can accommodate these issues and get the deal done.

Nothing is more important in a title company than accuracy and thoroughness, but flexibility might be the next most sought after trait – at least it should be. Getting something done last minute or being able to facilitate 11th-hour changes or answer questions or simply being available when customers need your company at unconventional times, can set a title company apart. Those characteristics in a title company are highly desirable and they should be top-of-mind when choosing a title company.

Buyers and sellers in real estate transactions often are busy with their own business and lives during the normal workday and can only turn their attention to solving problems and answering questions after hours and on the weekends. Having a settlement team that is responsive to that reality is a huge benefit and will help complete more sales.