Before buying a new home, check out what’s around it

34916660_MYou and your significant other have decided to take the plunge and go from living in an apartment for years to hunting for a home.

You both have good jobs, no kids yet and you want to take a leap of faith and become homeowners.

As you start to look around the areas that appeal to you it’s important to take into consideration several factors. Yes, as many real estate agents suggest: “It’s all about location, location, location,” it truly is for many home hunters.

For example, when driving around searching for homes with ‘for sale’ signs on a Sunday afternoon do take in more than the front lawn’s appearance.

Is the home in a neighborhood you could see your kids playing in? Are there any parks or nature areas nearby to walk your dogs? Are there wide sidewalks you can take a stroll any time of day or night if you wish? 40324088 - happy family walking with dog in the forest

How about schools? Are there any schools close or at least within driving range? Any grocery and drugstores? Hospitals? Clinics or emergency rooms in case someone needs one at any given moment?

If you don’t have a car make sure there is public transposition available so you can get to work, the corner market or the doctor’s office.

All of these are important factors when considering buying a new home and moving into a neighborhood where you could potentially live for years.