What’s in a description?

38386462_SYou’ve found the perfect place, and you’ve put an offer in. Now that offer has been accepted (Congratulations!), and the paperwork is beginning.

One thing you might notice about your new property is the legal description. But this description will probably be very different from the description you provide to friends and family!

A legal description is how your property is described according to the measurements used by the local government. For a subdivision home, it could be something simple, including the Lot, Block Number and Section Number according to the area you live in. Think of the description as a label that says exactly how big your property is and where it is located.
The legal description is the one included on the deed to a property. The most recent deed should have the most accurate description. Your property tax records may have part of the legal description, but it is not necessarily the full description. That is only found on your deed. When you are required to provide the legal description, copy it exactly as it appears on your deed – or there could be issues in the future with your property records.

We can help you make sure that your property is properly labelled and described for your records. With a proper deed and description, you should not have to worry about any property issues. So trust us to find the exact words to make sure that your home is properly described legally. Then you can focus on finding the perfect words to describe your new home to your friends and family!