Three ways to wrap up your home sale on a positive note

24533152 - family signing contract with home sellerYou’re selling your home and closing day is drawing near. Here are three ways to wrap up your home sale on a positive note:

Keep your home clean. No home buyer wants to have to clean for days before moving into a home. Make sure the home is super-clean on the buyer’s final walk-through and all issues that you agreed to address have been completed by that time.

Make the switch. You’ll want to let all utility companies know the date that ownership is scheduled to transfer to the new owner or owners. Cancel your newspaper delivery and forward your mail to your new address. Notify any service providers who visited your home on a regular basis, such as pest control and lawn maintenance companies, that your home is selling. Once the transfer of ownership has been recorded, you are free to cancel your homeowners insurance coverage.

Gather important paperwork. As a courtesy to the new owner, assemble appliance manuals, warranty information and other important receipts that you’ve accumulated regarding the repair and maintenance of the home. Be sure to leave behind all house keys (including shed and basement keys), home remote controls and/or garage door openers. The new owners will likely create new keys and locks, but they will need the originals to get started.