Closing on your new home? Relax!

42189927_MWhen buying a home, there is usually a lot of excitement, but there also can be some level of anxiety.

Finding the right home, making an offer and then going through the process of making it yours can be stressful at times. The good news is that you have a team to help you through it all: Your real estate agent, your mortgage lender and your title or closing company all will guide you through each step of the process.

Closing day is when all of the parties who are a part of the purchase process come together to finalize your property purchase. Relax — you’re on the home stretch! A few days before closing, you’ll find out what you will need to bring with you on closing day. Most closings require that the buyer provides an approved form of identification and a cashier’s check or other certified funds for the amount of the down payment.

You’ll probably sign more documents on closing day than you will on any other day in your life! Many of the documents are required under federal law to help make sure that you understand all of the terms of your home purchase and mortgage loan. It’s important to take your time reading each document and asking any questions you may have about what you’re signing. Once you’ve closed on the purchase of your new home, the transaction will be officially recorded with the county. Usually that happens within a day or two. That’s when you get the keys to your new home and can start moving in.