The Company

Molly, our title mascot.

In 2008, in the midst of the housing crisis, Michele Casale saw an opportunity in the decline of the mortgage market and started Settlement Engine.   It was a bold move that resulted in a company that has grown into a respected title company in a competitive industry. Ms. Casale’s experience as an Executive Producer for film and television served her well in heading up this business.  Her unflagging commitment to integrity, combined with her abilities as a team leader, dealing with chaos, making last minute decisions and hiring an experienced team — all helped her turn Settlement Engine into a creative force respected by its peers.  Creative?  In the title business?  Absolutely! Convincing executives to switch title companies is difficult at best.  Most times it’s easier to stay with an existing title company, even when the service is sloppy, than it is to switch.  Call Settlement Engine.  You’ll get a level of service you never thought possible from day 1.

Meet the Team

Michele Casale

Michele was raised in the restaurant business which provided her with the experience to run a business that requires exceptional team work and service.  Michele enjoys being able to provide a concierge service to all of her clients.

Candace Stevens
Closing Manager

Candy has been with the company since the beginning and brings over 15 years of experience to Settlement Engine. Candy has a Master in Education which comes in handy in her job. Her objective is to give our clients superior service through her unparalleled work ethic, organizational skills, and positive demeanor.

Sabrina Spetz

Sabrina’s work experience and MBA makes her key in problem solving, communication with our lenders and agents and resolving complex situations. Her ability to multi-task and manage daily logistics makes Sabrina invaluable to our company.

Cynthia Bankosh
Title Agent

Cindy has over 32 years of experience as a title company business owner. Cindy looked far and wide for a company that shares the work ethic she delivered to her clients for many years. We are proud she chose Settlement Engine as her new home.

Tiffany Sirnic

Tiffany’s knowledge of every aspect of the business gives her the unique qualifications to benefit our clients on a daily basis. Her ability to understand compliance, best practices and the language of this business will propel her forward in our company and expand her ability to be a real asset to our company and our clients.

Debra Casale
Office Manager

Debra has over 25 years’ experience in all phases of office management and organization. Debra keeps the software updated; handles IT issues, keeps our abstractors on their toes, and manages all account receivables.